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Load securing devices from BASI

Surely you can leave a 10-kg tool kit on the back seat for just a short trip? Not so fast – in an emergency stop at 30 mph, it would fly forward with 25 times its own weight. That’s equivalent to 250 kg! To ensure that objects can be transported safely by car, truck or trailer, appropriate load securing is vital. With tie down straps from BASI, your customers’ loads are optimally secured.

Load securing devices at a glance

BASI’s portfolio includes products ranging from simple bungee cords and lashing straps with a ratchet mechanism to loop cables and chains. Our range also includes high-quality products from the Masterlock brand. We also offer securing devices for the car interior as well as for car roof luggage racks and bicycle pannier racks. You’ll be pleased to hear that the load securing devices in our range are certified by Germany’s prestigious TÜV testing authority.

BASI load securing
Motorcycle on trailer secured by a tie down strap

Tie down straps

Whether for the transport of cars, motorcycles or other loads, tie down straps can be used in a wide variety of contexts. With our tie down straps, loads can be secured for transportation easily and smoothly. Just as tie down straps are often used for transporting cars, bicycles can also be transported in an optimal and safe way with the aid of lashing straps. In our shop, you’ll find a wide selection of tie down straps with a lashing capacity of up to 800 kg for your customers’ specific requirements. The range includes tie down straps featuring a ratchet or clamp mechanism with and without an S-hook or J-hook, self-winding tie down straps, and straps with a metal clasp and grip, as well as protective pads that are particularly suitable for luggage straps.

Bungee cords

Bungee cords are especially suitable for fastening down lighter goods, such as those transported on a bicycle’s pannier rack. However, bungee cords can also be used to tie down objects in the interior of the car or caravan. As well as bungee cords, BASI also offers luggage nets for the vehicle interior. As a result, accidents caused by objects that are unsecured in the boot of a car can be avoided or mitigated if the driver needs to break suddenly.

Depending on the weight of the load and where it needs to be attached, bungee cords vary substantially in terms of their lashing capacity, shape and type of fastening hooks used. At BASI, you’ll find bungee cords with a lashing capacity of up to 85 kg, featuring inverted double hooks, metal or plastic hooks, carabiners, STEELCOR hooks or ball-type fastenings. In addition, the range includes flat and adjustable bungee cords and versions with six cords and hooks.

Trailer with TÜV approved bungee cords
Loop cable to secure the load

Loop cables & chains

For fastening garden furniture, gates, tools, bicycles and many other things, simple locks such as chain locks or cable locks are usually too short. However, by using loop cables in combination with BASI padlocks, they can easily be extended. In this way, for example, multiple bicycles can be locked together. In our range, you’ll also find adjustable cables that can be optimally adapted to the size of the items to be secured.

Particularly reliable protection is provided by tempered-steel chains. At BASI, you’ll find chains of different lengths and thicknesses, with sleeves (nylon or vinyl tube sleeves) and locking mechanisms (with an integrated combination lock or with no lock).

You can find our full range loop cables and chains in our shop.

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