Effective vehicle anti-theft devices

One vehicle is stolen every hour and a half in Germany. It’s therefore well worth equipping your car with one of BASI’s vehicle anti-theft devices.

Anti-car theft devices at a glance

Car theft causes unnecessary hassle and a great deal of paperwork. To prevent it from happening in the first place, BASI has a number of effective anti-theft devices in its product range:


  • Steering wheel and pedal locks
  • Steering wheel locks
  • Trailer locks
  • Wheel clamps
  • Bollards
  • Additional security devices for garage doors
anti-vehicle theft devices
Steering wheel claw with combination lock - an optimal car anti-theft device

Anti-car theft devices for any situation

Whether a person uses their vehicle for domestic or business use, it’s vital that they protect themselves against car theft. According to German Insurance Association (GDV), an astonishing 14,229 cars were reported stolen in Germany in 2019. The resulting losses equated to 279 million euros. Vehicles produced by VW, Audi and BMW are particularly popular with thieves. SUVs and campers also ranked high in the theft charts. We have a number of items in our range, ensuring that you also have the right product for your customers. Additional security devices for garage doors provide double protection for garages, while bollards in a variety of designs ensure that vehicles parked in private parking spaces and in car ports are well protected. Easy-to-use steering wheel locks, pedal locks and wheel clamps are recommended for both stationary vehicles and for use away from home. Customers looking to keep their trailer well protected can utilise our effective trailer locks. Other vehicle-related security products in the BASI range include:


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