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Effective additional security

While closed windows and doors can provide a feeling of comfort, they are often not truly burglar-proof. In such cases, additional security measures can be of help. BASI therefore offers a wide range of products, from door bars to door locks and window locks.

Additional security devices at a glance

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Securing doors effectively

BASI offers a wide range of options for making doors more burglar-proof. BASI’s locks are suitable for providing a wide variety of doors with additional protection against break-in – whether front doors, apartment doors, side doors or basement doors.

Door locks: Door bars from BASI

Door bars

With a door bar, the door is secured on the lock side and hinge side at the same time and thereby protected against attacks from the outside. Door bars provide optimum burglary protection for doors that open inwards, particularly front doors of houses and apartments.

Door chains and supplementary door locks

Supplementary door locks ensure that doors are not just closed but securely locked. For rental homes and apartments, door chains are especially suitable. In addition to traditional steel door chains, BASI also offers high-quality rubber-sleeved door chains, which prevent the door from being scratched or damaged. No drilling of either the inner door or the frame is required during assembly.

Supplementary door locks also provide a very high level of protection against break-ins. BASI’s range includes a wide range of case locks, which come either with or without an additional locking bar. The locking bar enables the door to be opened a little – without, however, being fully opened. You can find an even wider range of door locks in our shop.

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Door viewers

As well as high-quality door locks, spyholes are also an excellent means of providing additional security. To avoid ending up in an unpleasant situation in the first place by opening the door to an uninvited guest and possibly putting yourself in danger, a door viewer can be very useful. At BASI, you’ll find both traditional door viewers and electronic door camera systems in a variety of product versions. BASI’s electronic door camera systems have the particular advantage of saving photos or videos, while some systems also include night-vision and motion detector functions. Charging is easy, either by battery or a USB cable.

Securing windows from break-in

Even when a front door is well secured, if windows offer little protection against intruders or are simply getting old, burglars will find it relatively easy to break in. This can be remedied with an additional security device.

Window locks

BASI offers window locks for both single-leaf and double-leaf windows as well as for French windows that open inwards. The locks are suitable for wooden, metal or plastic windows and can be locked from the inside. Opening them from the outside is prevented by a locking bar. The lock is particularly user-friendly because no key is needed. Instead, the window is unlocked either using a push button or by pushing up a lever.

Window handle stainless steel FG501

Window handles

Both lockable window handles and handles with a push-button locking mechanism are a good solution for standard windows. They allow windows to be locked quickly and easily.
What’s more, they can also be used to make windows safe for children.

Securing roller shutters

With our roller shutter lock, mechanical roller shutters can be secured in no time. With the aid of our robust lock, the roller shutter can be locked in position as the toothed safety arms interlock with one another when the shutter is pushed up from the outside.

GS 70 cellar grating lock

Securing cellar shafts

If they’re not having any luck with doors and windows, burglars will often check whether they can gain access to a building via the cellar shafts. It therefore makes sense to think ahead and protect a cellar grate with one of BASI’s grate locks. The chained grate lock protects grates above basements and cellar shafts from being prised open. Needless to say, it’s still possible to unlock the grate from the inside if it’s needed as an emergency escape route.

Additional security for gates

Anyone looking for additional security for their garage will also find what they’re looking for at BASI. This is because our range includes a variety of gate locks for protecting your worldly goods.

Additional security device for gates

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