BASI Unternehmen

BASI. Everything Secure.

Company History. In other words: Our success story.

When todays BASI GmbH was launched in Mönchengladbach in 1981, we had clear ideas of what we wanted:

  • To ensure the security and satisfaction of our customers,
  • To be experts in security technology, locking systems and key technology,
  • To produce in line with the highest demands on quality,
  • To offer optimum protection at fair prices.

Today, we keep around 25,000 items in stock at our Mönchengladbach location and regularly update our product range in line with the cutting-edge technology. We have more than 10,000 customers worldwide in around 30 countries. They place their trust in our large product range and its quality.

In other words: They trust in BASI. A solid basis for a successful future.

In addition to BASI GmbH, BASI Schließsysteme GmbH has been the competent partner for specialist retailers and professional users since 1993. We offer a proven quality assortment in terms of locking systems and locking equipment. Our offer is rounded off by comprehensive services for retailers, trade, architects and builders.

Unique: The BASI Team

Our approximately 60 employees are our most valuable corporate asset. Qualified and specialised, they are at the heart of BASI GmbH.

We do not just focus on securing existing jobs. We also create new ones. And we train. Many of our employees joined us as apprentices. Thanks to a moderate and far-sighted growth policy, we take on more young people every year in our team. They enrich our knowledge with their fresh ideas.

We keep an eye on special talents and specifically promote individual development.

We are a learning company. We learn with each other – in regular training sessions. We learn from each other – in our daily work. We learn from our partners and our customers. We never stop learning.

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BASI Team 2024

We Give: Our Involvement

BASI engagiert sich regelmäßig für das SOS-Kinderdorf in Düsseldorf

Credit: SOS-Kinderdorf e.V. /Sebastian Pfütze

SOS Kinderdorf

We also do our bit for the little ones! We contribute to a secure future and a loving home for the protégés from the SOS Children‘s Villages with our commitment to the SOS Children‘s Villages.

Der Jugendsport in der Region liegt BASI am Herzen

Credit: FC Wegberg-Beeck e. V.

Local Sport

BASI cheers on local sport. We have been supporting football teams for many years, especially in the youth classes.

BASI engagiert sich regelmäßig für das SOS-Kinderdorf in Düsseldorf

Full credit: Game Rangers International

Pro Wildlife

He graces the BASI logo and is something we hold so dear to our hearts: The Elephant. That is why we are committed to the preservation and habitat of these grey giants through the animal protection organisation Pro Wildlife!

Siegel geprüfte Qualität

We offer tested quality at fair prices.

Siegel ISO 9001 - TÜV Saar

Our certified quality management guarantees highly efficient working in the sense of the continuous improvement process according to standard.

Siegel - Amfori

As a member of the globally leading trade association for open and sustainable trade, we promote fair and safe production and working conditions.

Siegel geprüfte Qualität

We secure the next generation of skilled workers in the Middle Lower Rhine region.

Siegel - KEinbruch

We are cooperation partners of the police in the nationwide publicity campaigns K-EINBRUCH (No Burglary).