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In-house locking systems production

We produce locking systems for business customers throughout Europe. Whether you are a locksmith, security specialist, architect or other business, we are your competent partner for the reliable production of high-quality locking systems.

Sales to business customers only

Short distances and high quality.
For your satisfaction.

    We manufacture your customised locking system on site in Mönchengladbach. To comply with your wishes in no time without having to take any detours, we keep high-quality basic materials in stock at all times. Our service team and production specialists work hand in hand to manufacture your locking system precisely and in line with the relevant standards.

    Before your locking system leaves our premises, we check it carefully as part of our permanent quality management in accordance with ISO 9001. Our service team is at your disposal from inquiry to delivery and will see to it that your order arrives on time.

    Präzision bei BASI Schließsysteme

    What is a locking system?

    keyed different (KD) – keyed alike (KA) – Master Key System

    What is a master key system?
    BASI Schließanlagen-Konfigurator

    How do I order a locking system?

    The easiest way to order a BASI locking system is via our locking system configurator:

    In four simple steps, you select the desired locking system for your project, the cylinders and the respective users. You will then receive a clear locking matrix and send us your order.

    Our service team will of course be happy to answer any questions you may have on +49 (0)2166 / 98 57-0!


    Sales to business customers only

    Special requests are welcome

    Our special profiles guarantee you area protection within a radius of at least 25 kilometres, which is beneficial to maintaining your customer loyalty. Your logo or customised text on the key head and security card will further boost business.

    Our locking cylinders also cater to all your needs: you can choose between a complete package or individual parts for self-assembly.

    Sonderprofile von BASI Schließsysteme
    BASI Schliesssystem K6-RT

    Unser patented key system

    K6 - RT Logo

    Active copying protection of guiding element (roll) in the key profile

    6 active tumblers with 2 additionally installed locking elements

    Sales to business customers only

    Unser patented
    dimple key system

    T250 Logo

    The blanks are manufactured from nickel silver and have increased copy-protection due to additionally integrated waved lines

    Dimple key system with up to 11 tumblers

    Sales to business customers only

    BASI Schliesssystem T250
    BASI Schliesssystem K 10

    Our dimple key system
    with active copying protection

    K10 Logo

    Reversible keys made from nickel silver, stainless, with ball chamber and loose retaining ball

    Enhanced drilling and core pulling protection  with multiple layers of hard metal pins

    Sales to business customers only


    BASITronic Logo

    Flexible control of keyless access. We set up the BASI-tronic electronic locking system for you the first time – later on, you can manage access rights as you please with the easy-to-use software! Add or remove authorised persons, change the authorisations for rooms or restrict access to selected times.

    Elektronisches Schließssystem BASI*tronic

    Frequently asked questions

    What is the difference between locks with keys to pass and keys to differ?

    Keys to pass means that several locks can be unlocked with a key e.g. front door, entrance door, letterbox, garage door etc.

    Are there certain questions that I must clarify with my customers in advance?

    Yes. Ask whether the cylinder should provide another special function, such as an emergency and panic function or whether he/she prefers a knob cylinder as a front door lock.

    Which locking system should I recommend to my customers?

    As there are different types of locking systems, it always depends on the wishes and ideas of the customer. Discuss them precisely with the customer and then try to produce a lock diagram.

    How do I order a locking system and how long do I have to wait for my delivery?

    You order your system via our locking system configurator, by e-mail or by telephone or fax. After our order confirmation, the delivery time is 5-7 working days.

    What should I do if a customer wants to order additional profile cylinders or cut keys for an existing locking system?

    We require the following information:

    Profile cylinder: The precise length & details of the item number in the completed lock diagram.

    Cut keys: A copy of the security card and marking information in the completed lock diagram and the precise length & details of the item number in the completed lock diagram.

    Kontakt BASI Schließssyteme

    We’re here to help.

    Have a specific query? If so, feel free to contact our customer support team.

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    We offer tested quality at fair prices.

    Siegel ISO 9001 - TÜV Saar

    Our certified quality management guarantees highly efficient working in the sense of the continuous improvement process according to standard.

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    As a member of the globally leading trade association for open and sustainable trade, we promote fair and safe production and working conditions.

    Siegel geprüfte Qualität

    We secure the next generation of skilled workers in the Middle Lower Rhine region.

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    We are cooperation partners of the police in the nationwide publicity campaigns K-EINBRUCH (No Burglary).