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Door- and window fittings – security meets design

Security fittings are an essential part of any security concept. They are building the first defence against burglars and uninvited guests.

What kinds of BASI door handles and window fittings are available?

At BASI the modest door handle did go far. Our assortment splits the handle vocabulary into a large range of security handles and fittings.

Door and window-fittings - assortment

Door- and window fittings that protect and look good

A door without a door handle? How absurd. A window without a window handle? Continuous draught! Technically speaking, most rooms would be useless without BASI door handles and window fittings. Not just because doors cannot be opened without a handle but also because security fittings are an essential part of any security concept.

Therefore, it is worth trusting BASI when it comes to door handles and window fittings. As an expert on locks, bolts, and protection we develop security fittings, which are perfectly integrating into your home and also visually shows up. Cylinder locks and additional security items are of course also part of our range.

With BASI you can protect any of your customers’ front or room doors from A to Z against mechanical impact. Our large range of door fittings eliminates this very common weak point of house security.

The result? Loyal customers, who feel safe. Doors and Windows which thumb the nose at burglars. Handles and designs, which can lend a room a character of its own.

Door-fitting with cylinder protection
Comfortable assembly of fitting, profile cylinder and mortise lock

How do I choose the right BASI door- and window fitting?

Here at BASI, we focus on form, function, and security to offer you the ideal products. To find your perfect match, the purpose of the door, or the position of the window play an important part. These details do not only influence the needed security level but also on the construction of the door handle or window fitting.


  • Exterior doors (front door, entrance door, balcony- or patio door) need security fittings with a knob-handle combination and a door cylinder. The fitting and cylinder should be flush when closed and screwed on the inside. If you cannot find a compatible fitting, at BASI you can also find stylish and safe rosette fittings.
  • Private room doors usually count on harmonic lever door fittings or rose fittings. In these cases, a warded lock is usually enough.
  • Room doors in public buildings or with doors with special functions (WC, office doors etc.) often count on fittings with a profile cylinder perforation or a simpler toilet bolt lock.
  • Fire-resistant doors must close autonomously and must be equipped with the appropriate security fitting. Here the DIN 18257 and DIN 18273 norms are crucial.

Furthermore, you should keep the following questions in mind when advising your customers:

  1. Who is using the door handle? Children or adults, many or only a few people?
  2. Which material is suitable for the door’s usage and leads to a visually pleasing result?
  3. Which type of door handle or fitting should be chosen given the constructional prerequisites?

These questions do not only influence the choice of door handle or rose fitting but also on the needs for additional security. Fortunately, BASI is your one-stop seller for all these products.

Of course, we are more than happy to advise you on these products comprehensively. If required we suggest you the perfect combination of door handle, fitting and cylinder and identify the exact rose fitting you need. Please feel free to contact us and make your customers happy with the perfect solution.

White window-fitting with lock

Basic knowledge of door and window fittings and push handles for your customers:

Front door with push handle

Why is it important to have good door and window fittings?

If there would be neither burglars nor fires or environmental influences, we would probably not even need security fittings or cylinder locks. We would not need a door rose and most likely not even a front door.

A simple door handle would be enough, and a simple window fitting would prevent draught.

But housebreakings and fires, for example, happen daily. Therefore, security fittings exist and complement the door handle in its protection against mechanical manipulation. In case of a fire door closers ensure that the door closes autonomously

Security fittings have several main tasks. Because every door is different. With extraction protection, security fitting and cylinder a front door functions as a barricade. The door handle gets replaced by a knob.

An interior door is often sufficiently equipped with new door handles. Unless the door is leading to an office or an operating area, where only authorised personnel is allowed in.

Fire-resistant doors have to fulfil the highest security standards to safely stop the fire from spreading. Also, windows need as much protection and their security and usability should be handled with care. Since it is better to be safe than to be sorry.

Abbreviations around window handles and door fittings

Many customers are wondering about the abbreviations, that professionals use for door handles, roses, and fittings. As you already know this is not some kind of secret code. It gives the possibility to differentiate our assortment of door and window fittings and make the right choice for a specific door.


  • VMS – Solid material security fitting
  • PZ – Perforation for profile cylinders
  • ES – Burglary protection level ES0 and ES1 according to DIN 18257
  • ZA – Cylinder protection
  • SB – Security fitting
  • FS – Fire resistance security fittings
  • SR – Security rose
  • SRW – Narrow plate with a fixed/pivoted bearing handle
  • ZT – Interior doors
Door fitting with cylinder protection

We’re here to help.

Have a specific query? If so, feel free to contact our customer support team.

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