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Safes and cash boxes from BASI for the protection of valuables

BASI brings security to your home. With our safes, cash boxes and products for the protection of valuables, we offer places in which your customers can protect the things they hold dear. Things that are not just valuable in monetary terms but are also of sentimental value. Our range of safes and cash boxes is therefore as varied as the items they might hold.

What products does BASI offer for the protection of valuables?

BASI’s product portfolio in this area ranges from furniture safes, cash boxes and credit card sleeves to fireproof strong boxes. Wall-mounted safes can also be easily installed within cupboards thanks to their easy-fit mechanisms and are therefore especially effective in protecting from theft. However, smaller furniture safes can also be easily camouflaged as they can be kept in desks or cupboards. As for the safe’s lock mechanism, your customers will also find a versatile set of options in the BASI product range. They can choose from safes with and without keys, safes with combination locks and safes opened by finger scan. The following products are available for protecting your valuables:



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A wide selection for individual customer needs

At BASI, you’ll find the right product for your customers’ needs. Whether for the protection of cash, jewellery or other valuables, you’ll find that our products meet your customers’ specific requirements. All of BASI’s safes, cash boxes and other products for the protection of valuables offer a high degree of security. As well as the items to be protected, choosing the right safe or cash box also involves considering the customer’s requirements for the product. The choice can be influenced by the look, size and type of fitting mechanism or lock. With BASI’s range of safes and cash boxes, you’ll find the right form of protection for your customers’ valuables.

BASI’s range of chick “mySafe” furniture safes

The furniture safes in our mySafe series are ideal for customers who place particular value on the product’s external appearance. Safes in the mySafe range are available in a variety of colours – from pink to lemon yellow – and offer a high level of security. With the aid of an electronic lock with combination code and/or a fingerprint sensor – as well as an emergency power supply and alarm in the event of three incorrect unlocking attempts – valuables are given optimal protection. After three failed attempts to open the safe, a loud alarm will sound, guaranteed to deter any thieves!

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Traditional furniture safes

Needless to say, we also offer traditional steel furniture safes in black, with either keys or electronic locks. The safes with electronic locks are available in two variants and can be opened with either a combination code or fingerprint. Each safe comes with two emergency keys and is powered by 4 AA batteries. You can choose between three sizes, from compact to spacious.

Storing your keys securely

As experts in the world of keys, at BASI we offer a variety of options for keeping keys safe and readily to hand.

Our key cabinets, in fact, can be used to store up to 200 keys in an orderly and secure manner. They offer space for every kind of key thanks to the height-adjustable key racks. Further increasing their practicality, the key racks are consecutively numbered and labelled in colour, enabling optimal storage of keys. Our key cabinets come with two keys and are suitable for mounting on the wall.
Smaller key boxes are ideal for private use – with a five-key model even available as a smart picture frame for the hallway!

In our key safes, you can safely store keys and small valuables and make them accessible to others – an ideal solution for manual workers, healthcare staff, holiday homes, office buildings and many other situations. Our key safes are weather-resistant and can be mounted on the wall or attached, padlock-style, to fixed struts depending on the version involved. We offer key safes featuring combination locks, keypads, fixtures for single-profile cylinders and even versions that can be unlocked by Bluetooth.

Our emergency key boxes with or without glass breakers protect keys from unauthorised access while still being able to be opened in an emergency.


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Exclusive Euro strong box

Money and valuables under lock and key

We offer cash boxes in a range of different finishes and colours. These range from a simple children’s savings box and standard cash boxes with a cash tray to high-quality euro cash boxes with compartments for notes and a removable coin tray. Our credit card sleeves protect up to seven cards from unauthorized NFC access.

Strong boxes and compact safes are used when not only money but also other valuables need to be optimally protected. We also offer fireproof and waterproof strong boxes that protect papers, documents and data storage media.


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