Türtechnik für ein sicheres Zuhause

Door technology for greater convenience

BASI’s door technology products have one aim: to make everyday life easier. Whether in business premises or in the home, once you’ve started using them, you won’t want to do without our range of useful tools, from door stoppers to electric strikes…

The BASI door technology range at a glance

BASI offers a variety of door technology devices that make day-to-day life easier:



BASI door technology assortment
Door closer - application example

Our door closers ensure that a door is securely closed

Door closers are among the door technology products most frequently used in business premises, apartment blocks, healthcare facilities and public buildings. They offer an obvious benefit, in that door closers secure the building by ensuring that the door is automatically reclosed every time it’s opened. Once a person has entered, the door behind them falls shut – very gently and without needing to be pulled, wrenched or slammed. In turn, this extends the working life of the door fittings, the door leaf and the other door components.

We offer door closers in a wide variety of designs: with standard rod assembly, a slide rail, or as spring door closers – for light doors, for heavy doors and also for fire and smoke protection doors. Needless to say, we also stock the associated locking units and installation plates.

One click and it’s on: electric strikes

First the parcel courier, then a takeaway delivery…  Whether in the office, at the front door or in a doctor’s surgery, an electric strike, ideally in combination with an intercom system and surveillance camera, enables entrance doors to be opened remotely. The mechanism is incredibly simple, as the electric strike is anchored in the strike plate and controlled by an electrical current. And so, when the switch is briefly pressed, the current is activated and the door opens.

In our door technology product range, we have door openers for left and right-hinged doors, with and without mechanical unlocking. In our portfolio, you’ll also find original “effeff” electric door openers and, of course, matching strike plates.

BASI ET 94 Electric strike
Magnetic door holder MTS24

Must-have products: door stoppers and door holders from BASI

Door stoppers and door locks are indispensable products in BASI’s door technology range. These invaluable items ensure that the door remains open to the precise degree you want. Firmly mounted floor or wall door stoppers ensure that the door comes to a standstill when it’s meant to without bumping into the wall or shelf and damaging these when it’s opened forcefully. Door holders – whether magnetic or mechanical – ensure that the door not only stops but can also be locked in place. That’s very handy in situations where a door needs to be left open all day.

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