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A wide range of key accessories

Key holders, key rings and lanyards are practical, bring joy and come in all kinds of shapes, colours and features. BASI, in fact, is your perfect source of information about key accessories. From lanyards and key holders to key ID covers.

Key accessories at a glance

In addition to our large range of key accessories, we also offer sales displays for your key cutting shop, allowing you to present your key holders and related products to your customers in the best possible way. Below you can see an overview of our comprehensive range:


Key accessories - assortment
key holders - key flips

Key holders in every colour & shape

Whether they include a bottle opener or interchangeable photos, at BASI you’ll find both customisable and ready-to-use key holders in every possible colour and shape. We also stock key holders with practical features such as a writing area for labelling the key, or a key clip for attaching the key to trousers, belts or bags. Key chains are also included in the range. In addition, you’ll find key holders in the following categories: Elegant, Love, Trendy, Season, Sports & Leisure.

Familiar heroes in your pocket

Thanks to our “Major Brands” category of key rings, your customers will always have their favourite heroes close at end – from Game of Thrones and Star Wars characters to Mickey Mouse, Elsa and heroes from the Avengers. Our product range includes:


  • Star Wars: Darth Vader, Stormtrooper, R2D2, Master Yoda
  • Game of Thrones: House Lannister, House Stark, House Targaryen
  • Marvel: The Avengers, Thanos’ Gauntlet
  • Stephen King: IT
  • Disney’s Frozen 2: Anna, Elsa and Olaf
  • Disney: Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse, Simba (The Lion King)
  • The Show with the Mouse (German children’s series): Mouse, Elephant and Mole
  • Little Sandman (German children’s series)
  • Super Mario
Key holders with familiar heroes: Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Frozen II


In addition to our key holders, BASI also offers practical and stylish lanyards. The “classic” lanyard is available in a variety of different colours and motifs. For an even more exclusive look, we also stock leather and faux-leather lanyards. Why not take a look at our range? You’re sure to find something for every taste.

Key rings

Key rings hold the entire bunch of keys togetherwithout them, everything falls apart! We offer a variety of key rings, with something to suit everybody. As well as standard steel key rings in various sizes, for example, we also stock heart-shaped and star-shaped key rings. Our snap key rings with carabiners are particularly practical, as they are quick and easy to open and close thanks to their snap mechanism. Colourful key wire offers another very popular way of organising a bunch of keys. To ensure you always have the right key ring at hand during your day-to-day activities, our selection of 220 key rings is available in a range of different sizes.

Heart-shaped and star-shaped key rings
Sales display

Sales displays

Our handily filled sales displays for a wide range of key accessories – ranging from ID key rings and ID key covers to key holders – can help you present off-the-shelf products in an appealing way. The cardboard displays can be placed in the optimum position on your sales counter. So, while you’re copying their keys, your customers’ eyes are sure to fall on the attractively presented key accessories. Next thing you know, you’ve sold another key holder!

As well as the ready-filled sales display units, we also offer black metal counter displays, including rotatable ones on request, for the presentation of your most attractive key holders on practical, theft-proof safety hooks.

Practical key pouches

Need to keep your keys and money safe and compact in one place? No problem, thanks to our practical key pouches with an integrated wallet, which can be kept in the trouser pocket. BASI offers high-quality leather key pouches with a press stud and/or zip and a key ring.

Key pouches
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