Opening Technique Seminars for Locksmiths

BASI Öffnungstechnik-Seminar

Our opening technique seminar: Perfect for locksmiths

Do you have your own locksmith service? Are you planning to offer emergency openings soon? – Then our seminar is a must! You will learn which tools you need and how to open locked and bolted doors. Most of the time you will aim for non-destructive opening of the door. After all, this is how you protect your customer’s property. However, there are also reasons for opening locked doors destructively. Learn when to use which technique in our locksmith training.

You are called to an assignment with a broken key? Your customer has lost his key? No matter what the cause: any kind of door opening is no longer a problem for you after this day! This also applies to windows, of course.

Seminar Contents at a Glance

Non-Destructive Opening Techniques

  • latch wire single & double folding
  • bending latch wires
  • opening cards single & double folding
  • latch trowel & glider single folding
  • panic door opener single & double folding
  • spiral door opener single & double folding
  • door viewer opening
  • fitting jack
  • manipulate the spare key
  • picklock, key flip
  • hand picking – electro picking – bump technique
  • sample key, fork key – cruciform pick
  • window openings

Destructive Opening Techniques

  • breaking profile cylinders
  • pulling techniques
  • drilling profile cylinders
  • drilling through fittings with cylinder protection
  • lock drilling
  • door / knob spindle destructions

Lock Defects

  • broken latch or bolt
  • (inside) broken key
  • security locking of „Turrus“-locks

The procedure

Our one-day seminar begins with a theoretical introduction. In particular, we will go into the structure of profile cylinders. This knowledge is your key to professional opening. After a technical instruction, you start with the practice: In our training room, you will open doors and windows after a short theoretical introduction.

Of course, we have coffee and a selection of water and soft drinks available for you throughout the day. A warm meal is served at lunchtime.

Certificate of participation

After successful participation, you will receive a certificate from us. This way you can prove your expertise. Show your customers that you and your employees are professionally trained!

Impressions of an opening technique seminar

Koffer: Grundausstattung Öffnungstechnik

The right equipment

In this specialist seminar, we use professional opening tools from our company. In a short time you will get to know BASI’s wide range of products. So you know which special tools you will need for your services after the seminar. We also offer special theme cases to get you started. With this, you have everything you need for a successful operation as a locksmith at hand.

Your trainers

Your trainers Germar Schneider and Dominik Lescher are proven opening technology specialists:

Germar Schneider is a trained machine plant mechanic and has been with BASI for 30 years. Many of our customers know him as a reliable and competent field service employee. Since 1991, he has been imparting basic knowledge of opening technology in training courses for locksmiths and security shops.

Dominik Lescher completed his training at BASI Schließsysteme and works there as a technical employee. Opening technique seminars have been part of his field of activity since 2017.

BASI Öffnungstechnik-Seminar: Trainer Germar Schneider und Dominik Lescher

The dates

There are no upcoming events at this time

If you are interested in one of our seminars, please contact our Service Centre. We will put you on the waiting list and inform you of our next seminar dates as soon as possible.

Participation requirements

Applied opening technology is a sensitive subject. That is why we only offer this seminar to locksmiths, security shops and other BASI customers such as carpenters, metal workers and caretakers. For this purpose, we ask you to provide proof of your trade. In addition, all participants should have manual skills.