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Bicycles are becoming an ever more popular mode of transport. Expensive electric bikes, Pedelec bikes and road bikes are on trend. In addition, motorcycles and electric scooters are increasingly visible on our streets. In every case, security is paramount – something best achieved with the range of bike locks from BASI.

Your selection of BASI bike locks

With BASI’s range of high-quality bike locks, your customers can enjoy the best possible levels of protection from potential thieves. Our product portfolio ranges from cable locks to specialist locks, all offering a high degree of security. Whether dealing with standard bicycles, e-bikes, e-scooters or motorbikes – at BASI, you’ll find the right bike locks for your customers. Below you can see an overview of our entire range of bicycle locks and motorcycle locks.

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Bicycle locks:

  • Cable locks with combination lock or key
  • U-locks using fingerprint recognition technology or tempered-steel key
  • Chain locks with nylon sleeve and combination lock or key
  • Specialist locks and cablesSpezialschlösser und -kabel

Motorcycle locks:


Bicycle tour with e-bike

Anti-theft devices for electric bikes and Pedelec bikes

The number of e-bikes and Pedelecs has increased enormously over the last few years. In parallel with this trend, however, more and more thefts of expensive electric bikes are also being recorded. In most cases, this is due to inadequate security. Greater security is provided by BASI’s modern range of bicycle locks. Chain locks, for example, are particularly suitable for protecting e-bikes. These provide electric bikes with reliable protection from theft thanks to the tempered-steel chain with its nylon sleeve and combination lock or key.

Safely on the move in every season

As well as insurance for a motorbike or scooter, securing it with a suitable motorcycle lock is also important. After all, only a suitable lock can effectively protect it from theft. And especially on a longer ride, a protected parking space isn’t always available. Having a reliable lock can provide the rider with a feeling of security.

BASI’s range of brake disc locks are both easy to transport and offer high safety standards. In particular, the mini-bracket brake disc lock with its vinyl tube sleeve is easy to stow during a ride while still offering excellent protection. If there’s no permanent parking space – or if a person is simply looking for additional security for their motorbike – a weather-resistant tempered-steel chain lock with nylon sleeve is particularly suitable. Find out for yourself by selecting the right motorcycle lock for your customers from our online product range.

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