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With profile cylinders or padlocks from our assortment, you convey your customers a good feeling. Their property is protected in the best way possible and their family is safe behind their doors.

What kind of bolts, cylinders and locks does BASI offer?

Our slogan is “Alles in Sicherheit“ which means that we do everything possible to keep safe what is most valuable to our customers. This slogan is not just a saying, it is deeply rooted in our company culture! Our products help to secure all the weak points of doors and windows. We look at cylinder locks, doors and locking systems from all different angles and thereby continuously improve and enlarge our assortment.

We have the following products in our product range:

Also when it comes to keys we offer a variety of solutions. This also includes innovative options. We offer the following solutions:

But don’t worry: Despite all the digitalisation, we will remain true to striking plates and profile cylinders. After all, they are the basis of every security concept! They are reliable products and are of major importance to our company.

profile cylinders, locks & bolts - assortment

Profile cylinders, bolts and locks

If you are giving your customer a BASI key, you are handing over the key to reliable security. This key is operating a BASI profile cylinder, bolt, or lock. Locks and bolts from BASI stand for uncompromised security of everything important.

When it comes to securing a door a lot of experience with cylinder locks and bolting devices is needed. And an expert is required who can choose the right cylinder, door lock, and striking plate for every door. You are this expert. And BASI is here to support you to close the door on unauthorised access.

Therefore, we are offering a huge assortment of different locks, bolts, latches, and of course keys. And when we say huge assortment, we mean it. We are delivering profile cylinders, padlocks, and bolt locks. We are offering striking plates and key blanks. And we are caring for locking systems and profile cylinders of all kinds. We can even get romantic! With engravable love padlocks which we consider as much a quality product as our cylinder locks for doors.

Customers have a lot of questions on locks, bolts and profile cylinders. Is a padlock sufficient? Which cylinder lock is suitable for my door? Is this mortise lock also available in a matching colour to my white door? And of course: How do door locks work? You as an expert certainly know best, what customers want.

As your B2B partner for door and house security, we also assist you with the counselling. Together with us, you will find the key to satisfied customers and the matching lock for every door.

Which profile cylinder is meeting my requirements?

The ordinary person calls it lock, the professional calls it profile cylinder. Both mean the same thing. The profile cylinder is resistant to persistent cracking attempts but is easy to open with the matching key. That makes the profile cylinder the core product of security technology.

BASI profile cylinders are used in numerous entry doors, interior doors, and garages. The variety of cylinders is enormous. The best way to find a suitable BASI cylinder for your customer is to help them answer the following questions:

  1. Is the cylinder supposed to be used for internal or external doors?
  2. Does it have to be a special cylinder for security exits?
  3. Which security level do you want the lock to have?
  4. What are the needed dimensions? Don’t know how to measure the dimensions? Here’s a tutorial!
  5. Do you need a security function to use two keys in the cylinder simultaneously?

By answering these questions, you can narrow down our assortment to the product your customer needs. Next to profile double cylinders, you can also find the following products in our assortment:

profile cylinder V50 - double cylinder
AS profile cylinder keyed alike

What does profile cylinder keyed alike mean?

Customers frequently ask about the benefits of locking systems with keyed alike profile cylinders. Or where the difference lies between keyed alike and keyed different cylinders. As an expert, you certainly know the answer to that question. For your customer this explanation is probably the easiest:

One key for all profile cylinders = keyed alike

A different key for each profile cylinder = keyed different

The first option is very popular as a cheaper version of a locking system for commercial properties or collectively used parts of a private house. House owners are happy because by using a set of keyed alike profile cylinders they can reduce the number of keys they have to carry around. The bad news is: if a key is lost it is very likely that all the cylinders must be exchanged. Individual flats should be equipped with keyed different cylinders and an individual key if the way more expensive locking system is not wanted.

Where does it make sense to use a padlock?

Compared to a profile cylinder a padlock seems to be less safe. Although the shackle snaps into a cylinder lock as well, the locking mechanism is often less sophisticated. However, this is only true for simple padlocks. You as an expert obviously know that there are padlocks that barely lack behind a fitted cylinder lock. There are different types of padlocks and they are available in multiple sizes.

For storage units and lockers, the compact and cheaper versions of padlocks mostly enough. However, padlocks can also be used to protect gates. When the padlock is combined with a chain, it can also help to securely fix items like bicycles or outside furniture. They offer mobile security you can use anywhere you want. With a padlock that is equipped with a combination lock, you do not even need a key.

Is the padlock meant to protect especially valuable things? Or secure something against very persistent thieves? Then you should trust the BASI round shackle made from stainless steel. You could also choose one of our other padlocks from the category “high security”. As the name already suggests are these padlocks developed for particularly high standards.
Your customers can also use our padlock as proof of love and attach them to a padlock bridge which you can find in most metropolitan cities. This does get even prettier and more personal with engravable padlocks in delightful colours and shapes.

If you are tired of the chaos around your keys explore the future with BASI. Bluetooth padlocks generate digital codes. This entry code can be changed within seconds so that you have a “new” padlock in your hands at any time.
Let’s talk about one of the most interesting questions – Why do padlocks have a hole? You most definitely know this answer already. But for your customers, this might be an interesting fact! Water can drain off through that hole and thereby the spring and the shackle are less likely to start rusting. Thus, thanks to the hole the portable door lock will stay in a good condition.

BASI padlock VHS 612H
Striking plate SWS 955

What is a striking plate and which striking plate should I choose?

Striking plates are the literal counterpart to BASI cylinder locks. They protect the door frame from damage. Moreover, do striking plates help with the security of the door and ensure that thieves barely have a chance when trying to pry the door open.

The matching striking plate depends on the respective door. Length, model, and material need to be chosen accordingly so that the striking plate fits seamlessly into the lock.

In our range, we have security striking plates and flat striking plates, versions with angle and matching accessories.
Just like we do with locks, keys and bolts we happily advise you on any occurring questions with our competent and friendly team. Because security is a system that is based on countless components. One of these components is BASI.

We’re here to help.

Have a specific query? If so, feel free to contact our customer support team.

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