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Precise key cutting machines are the be-all and end-all for a successful key cutting service: If the quality and speed are right, your customers are guaranteed to come back to you!

Key cutting machines and fittings from BASI

Key cutting machines and the fittings in best quality for locksmiths and security stores can be found at BASI.

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Key Cutting Machines

There is a key to every lock. Even if the key gets lost. After all a copy of any key can be produced. Locksmiths are experts when it comes to the respective technology. They can produce replacement keys or copy keys within a few minutes.

In order for you to be able to quickly produce a new key for the front door or the car, we continuously enhance our product range in machine technology for locksmiths. Our key cutting machines and tools convince with precision and functionality.

Customers should come back to you if they need another replacement key. Therefore, you can find anything you need to produce fast and precise copy keys. With the expert knowledge you already have and BASI machine technology you can offer your customers the perfect service level.

In our product range we offer mechanical and electronic key cutting machines with which you can duplicate security keys and copy keys with a code card. Our accompanying assortment with cutters, tracers, and brushes is also continuously growing. One part of the accompanying assortment are key files. Only if the suitable file is used, a precise result can be reached. Because not every file is the same! Also, with these rather simple products quality makes the difference.

When your customers hand their keys over to you this is a big display of trust. You proof this trust when you copy their key exactly. Straightaway of course. We are happy to assist you with that.

You require some help on what is the right choice for your locksmith shop in terms of machine technology? We are more than happy to help you out on that!

What is a key cutting machine?

As a locksmith you could also manually produce a copy key. You would just need the original key as a template, a key file, and your visual judgement – and the key copy is done!

BASI key cutting machines are supposed to make this process easier and faster. You cut the key blank according to a template and produce an exact copy of the key. Key cutting machines build their reputation as key copy machine through the use of a guiding aid, adjustment facility, and tracer.

Thereby locksmiths can replicate any key. The duplicates are identical down to the smallest cut. Therefore, you can ask for competitive prices for your products. As handy as a key file might be by using it as your only tool this would probably not be possible.

From this perspective one can claim that the key cutting is responsible for the fact that locksmiths as service providers even exist in the market. Every second the customers can save when waiting for their key copies does pay off for you. Just like a car key or a front door key that fits the lock straightaway.

If you want a customer to always come back to you when he needs a key copy a precise machine technology is as crucial as your competency with the cutting machine.

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Which machine technology is needed to copy a key?

Some years ago, it was rather easy to copy a key with a key cutting machine. But locking systems, security keys and the huge variety of different profile cylinders made this handicraft by far more complex.

BASI is offering the most important tools and accessory parts for exact copies of all common keys. No matter if you want to produce a duplicate of a key for locking system or a post box.

Even though at BASI we count on machine power, in our opinion the key file is not outdated. Professionals use our file set to get rid of remaining splinters and correct small inaccuracies. The guiding principle remains the same: The parts removed by a machine or tools cannot be put back on the key blank. Therefore, uncompromising precision is needed for your key.

Which keys can you copy with a key cutting machine?

Amongst laypeople there is a common misconception that it is not possible to copy the keys of a locking system or a similar security installation. Needless to say that you as an expert know better.

The legal basis for copying keys for locking systems or replacement keys with code-card is more complicated. Copying these is only allowed if your customer can legitimate himself with the matching code-card. There is a legislation which must be adhered to. Technically speaking, however, these keys can mostly be copied like common keys, which just needs an additional matching pattern.

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Why do you need to file keys?

The accuracy of a key cutter is enormous. Especially, if it is a BASI cutter. But metal often has a mind of its own and keys become more and more sophisticated. Without a set of key files locksmiths would not even be half as successful.

According to the sample the copy key gets adjusted in all details. To do so the matching file is used. Only with the matching file and your expert knowledge the duplicate of the key becomes exact.

However, BASI key cutting machines can reduce the need for reworking. You can notice that, for example, by the fact that the replacement key can turn the cylinder lock without any resistance.

What is important when copying a key?

Every tool is supposed to make the experts work easier. Nothing more and nothing less. Locksmiths need machine technology, which supports them in copying keys faster and more precise than the competition.

With BASI key copy machines duplicating a key barely takes longer than going to the bakery. No matter, which form the key has. Micrometric settings or the tracers and electronic adjustment devices ensure the necessary precision. Thanks to a start interlock the machine only starts when you are ready to edit your key. Amenities like LED-lamps give the opportunity, to judge the process professionally.

We are happy to help with any type of sourcing advice. Please do not hesitate to contact us and get a consultation on BASI machine technology for your locksmith shop or other business.

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