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Opening tools for security experts

BASI’s opening tools are your “key” to opening locked doors and will serve as the foundation of your reputation as a locksmith.

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Assortment of BASI opening tools

Door slammed shut? Can’t find the keys? Window playing up? These are the times your skills as a locksmith will be needed. But it’s not just in emergencies that your customers will thank you. After all, you know how to open a locked door gently.
But there are all kinds of key-related services. And even in an emergency, customers can be picky. As well as fair prices, they might also expect you to open a door without damaging it – while still providing a professional and speedy service, of course. BASI’s opening tools are your “key” to opening locked doors and will serve as the foundation of your reputation as a locksmith.
We offer a range of both non-destructive door opening tools and destructive tools for emergencies. In addition to electronic lock picks and opening cards, we offer a large range of car opening tools as well as practical application-specific tool kits.
BASI offers more than just the tools required to open locked doors and windows – we also ensure you have the expertise you need. BASI offers seminars on applied opening tools including certification. These cover a variety of topics – from choosing the right pulling screw to new options available when using BASI unlocking tools.

What makes BASI opening tools special?

Since 1981, BASI has been known for its high-quality bolts and locks, security technology and securing devices. We know what’s involved in securely locking a door. And that’s why we know how to get it open again. Our range of tools is developed by experts for experts. Each of our door opening tools is designed on the basis of many years of practical experience and meets our high quality standards. Locksmiths need to know they can rely on the technology they need to do their job at the right moment. After all, in this sector, winning the customer’s trust is vital. This is something we also offer. That’s why we make a quality promise you can rely on.

BASI is known for offering applied opening tools at fair prices – tools that you can use to professionally open locked doors and windows. They can help you overcome one of the main challenges in a sector characterised by low levels of customer loyalty, as the services involved are often only required in an emergency. Good locksmith services, however, benefit from high rates of referral. Any locksmith who has opened a door quickly, at a fair price and without causing damage, will benefit from referrals to friends or relatives. Businesses also have preferred service providers on standby for opening locked doors.These are the competitive advantages we aim to secure for you with our service levels, our training seminars and our applied opening tools.

Tool kit with basic equipment opening tools
One-day seminar: Opening tools

What else does BASI offer in the field of opening tools?

As a professional, you know how to deal with locked doors. We’d be happy to show how you can work even faster and more efficiently. Our practical seminars explain how to use non-destructive opening techniques in the optimum way. We also demonstrate solutions for different lock and door varieties. We show you the latest industry developments and provide updates on such topics such as safety and security technology. Our seminars are aimed at professionals with all levels of experience. What’s more, at the end of the seminar, attendees are provided with an informative certificate that you can use to win customers and build your reputation.

What products does BASI offer for locksmiths?

Is the door open, closed or locked? Do you need to replace just a single lock or the whole mechanism? Need a replacement key or brand-new set of keys? BASI offers a total solution with regard to tools for locksmiths, providing offers a huge range of industry-specific product selections.

Are you looking for just small range of products? We stock:

Needless to say, we’d be happy to respond to your specific questions on our various products and services. Feel free to contact our customer support team with any queries.

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Brief explanation of opening tools – Info for your customers

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What exactly are opening tools?

Opening tools are designed to open doors and windows that have accidentally been closed or locked – ideally without leaving a mark or causing any damage. Professionals rely on special tools to “outsmart” locks and bolts. Non-destructive tools, ranging from lock pick sets to special wires, can deal with barrels and latches or click-to mechanisms.

If the door can’t be unlocked using a lock-pick set or similar tool, brute force may be required. In this case, the destructive door opening tools involved will simply break the lock. In an emergency, this is sometimes the best option. Even so, every professional will try to open a customer’s door without damaging the lock.

What are non-destructive and destructive door opening tools?

Non-destructive unlocking tools act in a similar way to a key. They open a lock barrel or profile cylinder using mechanisms similar to those found in the lock itself. The most famous are the skeleton key and the lock pick, which has now evolved into the electronic lock pick. Opening cards unlock simple door latches, while bump key sets act as universal door opening tools. When keys have broken or snapped, professionals rely on extraction tools, using holding or clamping tools to hold the barrel in position. With the aid of such tools, locksmiths can provide one of their most important guarantees: a promise to open 99% of all accidentally locked doors without leaving a mark or any damage. Our vehicle opening range also includes special tools for a problem that arises virtually every day. These are used when a car is firmly locked in its parking space but when the owner can’t find the key. If non-destructive opening tools fail to work, more rigorous tools may be called for. These include our drilling and metal-cutting tools, pulling screws and hole saws. They can be used to remove lock barrels and destroy lock mechanisms and may be unavoidable in an emergency.

We’re here to help.

Have a specific query? If so, feel free to contact our customer support team.

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