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Shop fittings for key cutting services

We offer innovative and bespoke shop fitting solutions for your key cutting-related services. Solutions that are suitable for every space.

The compact space saver for your fitting out your shop

In the basic version, our Professional key cutting station consists of a lockable key cabinet with two pull-out sections, a workbench with a beech multiplex worktop, and a slatted product display system with 4 slats including aluminium rails to serve as a supplementary sales and promotional area. With a footprint of 110 x 70 cm, the unit is compact and therefore perfect for use even where space is tight.

The unit stands out for its high-quality workmanship and visually appealing design. It offers space for up to 800 key blanks that can be locked in the cabinet, as well as a work surface for the cutting machine, profile reader and other work-related equipment. The key cutting station is complemented by a slatted panel for the presentation of key accessories.

Key cutting station - red
Key cutting station XXL - blue

Plenty of space for both products and key cutting machines

Our Professional XXL key cutting station consists of a key cabinet for up to 800 keys, a workbench with an extra-large multiplex worktop and base, and an XXL product display system, which is used to display key holders and other key accessories.

With a footprint of 186 x 70 cm, the unit offers an even larger working area than the basic model. This gives you the benefits of the basic Professional unit together with a larger working, sales and promotional area. The work surface is designed to accommodate two cutting machines and one profile reader. It’s the perfect place in which to quickly and effectively cut both flat and dimple keys.

Shop fitting essentials: the right machinery

The key cabinet, workbench and product display system are the key elements in your shop fittings. However, your key cutting station will only be fully equipped if you also have the appropriate machine technology. Our range includes both mechanical and electronic key cutting machines. They can help you copy any key in no time while maintaining the highest quality standards.

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