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Travel security is a top priority at BASI

Whether using our luggage locks or travel safes, with BASI products your customers are perfectly equipped for travel.

BASI travel security at a glance

Luggage security

  • Luggage locks – with a combination lock or address label, and made of plastic, steel or zinc, with a safety clip or steel cable
  • Luggage straps with or without an additional combination lock
  • Practical luggage tags with address label

Protection of valuables

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Travel security – for travelling safely

Travel security is of key importance for both holidays and business trips. After all, whenever people travel, they have valuable items with them, such as their smartphone, credit cards, foreign currency, camera and more besides. Not to mention important travel documents such as passports and airline tickets. All of these need to be properly protected. Similarly, suitcases, luggage and bags cannot always be kept in view. To ensure that our personal items remain safe at all times, BASI offers a range of travel security products.

We offer a number of items for effective travel security, from travel safes, suitcase locks, luggage straps and suitcase tags to credit card covers that protect against data theft. Our range is supplemented by pepper spray and irritant gas for personal defence.

With our BASI travel security range, you can give those your customers who are planning to travel a nice feeling of safety for their trip.

The top priority in travel security: suitcase and luggage protection

BASI’s travel security range offers an effective set of ways for people to protect their luggage from unauthorised access. The most important element? The suitcase lock. We offer suitcase locks in a wide variety of designs. All BASI suitcase locks include a combination code mechanism. Our wide range of locks, made of plastic, steel or zinc, ensures that your customers get the precise level of security they need. Varieties with steel brackets and flexible steel cables are available so that the lock properly matches the customer’s suitcase. In line with the principle that “whatever you need, we’ve got it.”

Suitcase locks with an integrated address label are especially handy. They ensure that any lost baggage is quickly returned to its owner. Alternatively, a separate aluminium luggage tag can be used: simply fill in the label and attach it to the case with the steel cable supplied. Everyone will then know who the suitcase belongs to – though not, of course, at first sight but only when the tag is opened…

All BASI luggage locks have one thing in common: they’re robust and easy to use.

The BASI product range also includes luggage straps. These are useful when, yet again, a person has filled a suitcase to the brim. If there’s a danger of the case popping open during the journey, a luggage strap is the best possible feature for extra safety. In addition, a coloured luggage strap will ensure that the luggage is that much easier to spot on the baggage carousel when the customer arrives at their holiday destination. For an especially practical solution, we also offer luggage straps with a combination lock – for even more security.

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Useful to know: a TSA lock won’t be destroyed during a search

For travel both to the United States and other countries such as Finland, Israel, Japan, Canada, Austria and South Korea, we recommend a TSA lock. TSA locks include a combination lock that can be used to protect luggage against unauthorised access. What makes them special is that TSA locks can also be opened by an official TSA (US Transportation Security Administration) keywithout destroying the lock. This is standard practice when suspicious items of luggage are found during screening. If you have a commercially available luggage lock, you run the risk of it being destroyed during the search.

TSA locks were introduced as part of the tightening of security measures in international travel. They can be recognised by the red and white diamond logo.

Protecting smartphones, cash and credit cards when travelling

If there’s no safe in their hotel room, people are likely to wonder how they can protect travel documents, keys, mobile phones and other valuables. The solution? A safe with a combination lock from BASI. These handy compact safes can be attached to furniture using a steel cable. Any thieves will simply give up and see what’s in the next room.

Credit cards, especially with an NFC chip for contactless payment, are extremely practical, as the user can pay for items in a matter of seconds at the resort or on a business trip. However, data thieves can also get to work just as quickly. They simply read the credit card details and start making payments. However, an NFC-protected credit card cover, also known as a credit card sleeve, will help. BASI’s credit card sleeves are available in a range of different colours and can protect up to seven cards from unauthorised access. We like to call it “security à la card”!

Protect valuables while traveling
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