Master Key System T250 SP

Our new, patented locking system as an individual solution*

The product series T250 SP is a highly developed special profile tailored to the security requirements of our customers.

The system T250 SP is a reversible key system equipped with an additional guiding groove in the key, via which the locking stripes in the cylinder are brought into the functional position in order to enable a locking function. This also provides additional security against key copying.

We offer our customers profiles in special configurations for the in-house manufacture of locking systems and coded single locks.

The cylinders in the product series T250 SP comply with the current standards DIN EN 1303 Class 6 and DIN 18252 Class 40.

The product series T250 SP comprises double, half and knob cylinders. The product series is continually being expanded with further products.

The profile allocation of this special profile is done with an area territorial protection, which includes a radius of 25 km around the company location.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the details and prices of the special profile.

Pin tumblers:
The six tumblers in the main row of pins provide a high level of security. Our precise manufacturing guarantees a seamless locking motion.

*Cylinders in customer-specific profiles can be obtained as fully assembled cylinders or single parts to be assembled by the customer. Assembly cases and tools are available for customer self-assembly. Code lists can be created upon request.






Key – Customer embossing

– Individual design – 

Security identity card

System T250 SP
System T250 SP

System K6-SP
System K6-SP

System SP2000 und SP2020
System SP2000 und SP2020

System SPK
System SPK

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