Master Key System 3-AX

The locking system for traditionalists.

Our popular 3-AX cylinders have been proving themselves for many years.

This locking cylinder system is produced by us in accordance with the latest quality criteria and is developed especially for the manufacture of locking systems.

It fulfils high security standards and can be combined with other systems at any time.

We offer large product depths with the 3-AX locking systems and as a result, they can be used in a comprehensive range of chambers.

Pin tumblers:
The five or six tumbler versions both provide a high level of security. Our precise manufacturing guarantees a seamless locking motion

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The locking system for traditionalists.

System information

Special profile for locking systems

Housing and core made from high-quality brass

Core and housing pins made from hardened bronze and high-strength brass

Housing and core coated with matte, polished nickel

Keys made from nickel silver

Construction and material usage ensure the highest standard of security and practical value

Double cylinders can be equipped with emergency features (EF) if required

Double and half-cylinders can be equipped with enhanced drilling protection in accordance with DIN on one or both sides

For locking cylinders used extremely frequently (central doors etc.), technical measures can be taken to reduce wear

System 3-AX is tested in accordance with DIN 18252 and DIN EN 1303

Special designs are on offer upon request

Rounded keyhole head:

The rounded keyhole head prevents any tool, such as pliers, from gripping the lock.

Cylinder keys:

Blanks are made from nickel silver.

Locking stripes:

The locking stripes enable a significant increase in the number of variations and therefore also in the protection against lock picking with its integral feel protection.

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