Master Key System BASI•tronic 2.0

The electronic locking system.

Electronic locking systems have the advantage that they can be used to upgrade mechanical locking systems and that any kind of property can be equipped with them:

There is a suitable security concept for every type of building – from houses to large commercial properties.

Thanks to modern technology, you can control an almost unlimited number of locking media while still taking into account personal, temporal and spatial entrance criteria.

Highly complex locking hierarchies can be seamlessly controlled and flexibly adapted to.

BASI•tronic Double knob cylinder

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The electronic locking system.

System information

Tested by SKG*** and VDS BZ+

Splash-proof in accordance with Protection Class IP 65

Fire-resistant in accordance with Protection Class T90

Online on Board

Laterally adjustable using “Plug & Play”

Also available as EE (Emergency Exit) variant for emergency exits in accordance with DIN EN 179 and EN 1125

High data transmission rate between transponder and reading device

Complex access authorisations in a virtual network on the transponder

Controlled via the web-based BASI•tronic 2.0® Access Management Software

Changes in the user area can be made using the PC, no time-consuming re-programming

Check as free-wheel cylinder according to the test directive FZG 2010_01

Double knob cylinder

The inner knob can always be used. The reader knob with electronics on its outer side is activated by the transponder and gives the user access. Dimensions: from 30/30 mm.


Suitable for key switches, gates, distribution cabinets, inspection openings. Dimensions: 30 mm.

Double-sided readable cylinder

The inner and outer knobs can be freely turned so that identification is possible only via the transponder on both sides.

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