Master Key System K•10

The reversible key system with active copying protection

The BASI reversible key system fulfils Attack Resistance Class 2 and Lock Security Class 6 according to DIN*.

There are 19 massive pin tumblers per locking side.

We can make this system as a massive or modular piece with enhanced pulling protection.

Enhanced drilling and core extraction protection is also available in the cylinder housing, upon request, using hard metal pins arranged in multiple layers.

For keyed alike locks, coded single locks and locking systems, massive or modular construction can be combined with one another in any manner necessary.

*With security fitting/security rose according to DIN EN 1906 or DIN 18257 ES2-ZA

Pin tumblers:
19 tumblers and an integrated scanning ramp for the ball ensure a high standard of safety

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The reversible key system.

System information

Each locking side 9 pressured, massive tumblers, offset in two rows, arranged axially to the centre axle and 1 spring-loaded deflection pins

Consists of 20 sectionally graduated core and housing pins, material hardened bronze / steel

Massive pin tumblers with a diameter of 3 mm, material hardened bronze / steel, hardened and chemically nickel-plated

Cylinder housing massive brass, surface with multiple galvanic coats, high corrosion protection, modular construction optional

Curved keyhole head with horizontal keyhole head groove for frictional transfer of torque when opening and closing

Reversible keys made from nickel silver, stainless, with ball chamber and loose retaining ball

Key notch system with horizontal keyhole

Key tip with guiding groove and locking ramp

Lock Security Class 6 according to DIN EN 1303*

Attack Resistance Class 2 according to DIN EN 1303* Cylinder lengths available up to 50-50 mm

Cylinder lengths from 50-55 mm (only K10 BZ Modular)

Modular technology with enhanced pulling protection (only K10 BZ Modular)

For keyed alike locks, coded single locks and locking systems, massive and modular construction can be combined with one another in any manner necessary

Enhanced drilling and core pulling protection with multiple layers of hard metal pins in the cylinder housing and cylinder core available upon request

Various colour options (polished brass, matte brass, Old German brass) available. Prices upon reques

Rounded keyhole head:

The rounded keyhole head prevents any tools, such as pliers, from gripping the lock.

Notched keys:

Provides a high level of security against key copying, as special, highly precise machines are necessary for manufacture. Blanks are not freely available.

Active copying protection:

The key has active copying protection in the form of a ball chamber containing a loose retaining ball.

Locking stripes:

The locking stripes enable a significant increase in the number of variations and therefore also in the protection against lock picking with its integral feel protection.

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